Teacher Favorites

Thanks to everyone who responded with their favorite tools. Have a great summer!!

Jennifer Ahr - Science, Junior School

I use Plickers for another type of assessment tool for tests.

I love ClassDojo as a modivational tool and I love the FB like features that are closed along with the messaging text-like feature.

Flocabulary reaches those students who love music. We watch the science related songs.

BrainPop is always a fun animated way to bring in comedy to concepts.

ZipGrade new alternative to scantron sheets and has the ability to add multiple choices, not just A-E.

Kevin Curtis - Social Studies, High School

I have used many. Sporcle and Kahoot for review purposes. Google and YouTube are always clutch. I have used iCivics for government class.

Emily Holbert - Intervention Specialist, High School

makemegenius.com - Science videos for kids, educational power points and more

snipping tool

Angie Knoop - Speech-Language Pathologist, Miamitown

I have only started using this, but it was passed on to me from two teachers who said they absolutely love it and the kids ask for it all the time. Kids watch short, step-by-step videos of how to draw. There are many choices and the drawings have been awesome.


click on "drawing" and a drop down selection of topics pops up then just click on the topic/picture you want to draw

Lori Payne - English, High School

I love NYTimes Learning Blog https://www.nytimes.com/section/learning

They have lesson plans for most subjects. My favorite resource is the "What's going on in this picture?" feature. Each week, they show a picture from the news; students can closely look at the picture, talk about it, write about it, and even share their ideas on the blog. On Thursday, they show the caption and the article the picture went with. So many other features on this site!

Melanie Siemer - Math, Jr. School/High School

I'm not sure if you have this one already but for math: desmos.com