Also, be sure to check out the DESIGNS wiki page!
  • Art for Kids Hub -watch short, step-by-step videos of how to draw, paint, sculpt and more!
  • .Artsonia is an online art gallery for students. Family and friends can view the artwork, join fan clubs and leave personal comments for the artists. Schools earn 20% when parents purchase custom keepsakes with their child's artwork – a great fundraiser for your arts program! Thousands of Art Project Lesson Plan Starters are available as a resource for your classroom!
  • Cool tools for ArtWork- Create your own Avatar, play with a variety of text graphics, draw your own comics, download drawing software (Google Sketchbook is great), scroll down to the TextTools to download Graphic Software. TONS of resources right here.

  • Draw Island - One of the better digital art sites to come around. Draw Island allows a user to create a custom drawing and then even animate it.
  • Graffiti Creator is a really fun site for the kids and it is FREE! You can create graffiti and then share it online.
  • Imagination Factory - This site provides art activities using recycled materials. Ideas and clear directions can be found for painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, fiber arts, and crafts from recycled media.
  • KIDSTHINKDESIGN.ORG, a website that promotes design thinking and provides a showcase for kids' original projects
  • NGAkids interactives offer an entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history. Featuring a variety of art-making tools that encourage exploration and creativity, these computer-based activities are suitable for all ages.

(For more FREE Open Source choices, check out the "Open Source Software" page and look at Photo Editors; also see Image, Video and Drawing Tools on Web 2.0 Tools page or Making Movies/Videos on Project Format Ideas page)
    • Cameroid is a wonderful site to utilize IF YOU HAVE A WEBCAM! You can play with the individual photos and show your total creativity.
    • Cool tools for Photos- This site is a great link to programs and downloads that help you to work with digital pictures. There are programs where you can insert your face into a previous photos, or you can add bubbles to photos- and more!
    • Sites for Photo Editing:
      1. Sumo Paint - One of the most popular and oldest online photo editors around. Sumo Paint has lots of nice tools for editing a photo such as brush, shapes, crop and looks a lot like PhotoShop.
      2. Aviary - Aviary is one of the best online suites on the web for doing lots of multi-media things, including editing photos. Not only does it have an educational portal, but it also has browser extensions, and a very nice user interface.
      3. Phixr - An easy site to use to upload a photo from a computer or social networking site and then edit by adding images or text.
      4. iPiccy - A great site for uploading a photo and then editing it with tools such as, text, drawing, or paint.
      5. Citrify - An excellent free photo editor with lots of options to choose from such as touch-ups, effects, etc.
      6. Fix Picture - A nice site for converting, resizing, or rotating an image.
      7. Picjuice - A site similar to Fix Picture where a user can crop, resize, rotate or adjust a photo.
      8. is a FREE Photoshop clone. It allows you to edit and manipulate photos, or create digital art. It has been compared to software packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Photo Editor. It is only available on windows-based machines.
    • Use your webcam to take and print photos online with hilarious special effects! Photofunia is a riot- you can upload a photo and then superimpose it onto all kinds of other pictures and backgrounds.
    • Photo Tips from National Geographic - Includes videos with National Geographic photographers.
    • Tinypic is a free image hosting site where you can upload your pictures and get a link so that you can share the pictures with others--Very Cool!
  • Piccassohead - a digital tool that allows users to create their own masterpieces using famous features drawn by Picasso.
  • Teen Ink - monthly magazine that publishes teen writing, art and photos. Any teenager aged 13-19 can submit their work for consideration and there is no charge. has an archive of pieces, all written and created by teen authors and artists, as well as a daily poem, artwork, story, essay, quote and more. With forums, chat rooms, more than 300 categorized Web resources for teens, is the source for teen expression on the Web!
  • Looking for a new way to introduce a particular artist or topic? Pick a painting from the selection on the VanGoYourself website. Then, recreate the famous scene, take a snap and upload it to VanGoYourself, which will twin your new master with the original artwork to share on social media!
  • The WWW Quilt page has links to everything you could want to be a quilter of ANY kind. Find patterns, "How-To's" and more!
  • World Greetings with links- create a greeting by using letters found around the world. Send as e-cards or send a link.



  • APPS
    • The Life of Art App, iPad, Free - How do objects end up in a museum? Discover the answer to that question from the artworks themselves in this app from the J. Paul Getty Museum.
    • Touch Van Gogh - View Van Gogh’s paintings in amazing detail and learn all about his working method with this award-winning app for tablets.
  • ART Access- is an AWESOME site--click on the time period and learn about the time and the individual artists.
  • Art Babble is a video website designed and maintained by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It's purpose is to provide a place for people to learn about the creation of art, artists, and collections through quality video productions.
  • Artcyclopedia is a website with links to art museums around the world, as well as information about famous artists and artwork.
  • ArtistADay (AAD) features a top, emerging professional artist each day, giving you the opportunity to discover art from around the world.
  • Asian Art Museum - The best of Asian art at the tip of your fingers for use in the classroom or at home. Includes over 100 lessons incorporating art, history, ELA, and more!
  • BOOK Art-


    Richard Minsky's book art will blow your mind! (Interview) from Bob Andelman on Vimeo.

    For an Interview with the book artist, Richard Minsky, click on the button above.There is a brief commercial in the beginning- just view through it.

  • The Getty Museum has put more than 250 art books online for anyone to read online and or download.
  • Google Art Project is a fabulous resource. Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.
  • Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Timeline presents a thematic, chronological, and geographical exploration of global art history through The Met collection.
  • The Lascaux Cave - Visitors to the site are presented with a three-dimensional digital version of the cave, which allows them to go from room to room, completely immersed in the site.
  • Museum of Modern Art

    • Red Studio, developed by MoMA in collaboration with high school students, explores issues and questions raised by teens about modern art, today's working artists, and what goes on behind the scenes at a museum.
    • Digital archive
  • NGA Images is a repository of digital images of the collections of the National Gallery of Art. On this website you can search, browse, share, and download images. More than 20,000 open access digital images up to 3000 pixels each are available free of charge for download and use.
    • The NGA Resources page is a place to borrow, browse, and download hundreds of resources, including teaching packets, DVDs, online interactives and features, podcasts, brochures, and more.
    • Also see, NGA Kids.
  • Picturing America- is a collection of paintings by famous American Artists. Each beautiful picture is available to view online as well as in our own Media Center! The online version also has links for teachers to use the pictures in their classrooms. Information is given about the painting as well as the historical era it depicts. This is a great website for teachers.
  • Resources for History Teachers - AP Art History
  • Smarthistory a great art history resource. This site features content organized by time period, style, artist and theme.
  • Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel: Thanks to Villanova University, you can take an amazing virtual, panoramic tour of the Sistine Chapel. Using buttons in the lower left screen, you can move around the room and zoom in on the paintings, including those on the ceiling.
  • Web Gallery of Art - a virtual museum and searchable database of European art. It offers information related to art from the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicist, Romantic, Realist, and Impressionist periods. It includes over 30,000 images, artist biographies, commentaries, and guided tours.
  • WikiArt: Visual Art Encyclopedia - an ongoing project to create a free online repository of art images, from the classical to modern periods.


  • Art School is a video series for people who want to learn about art. See interviews with contemporary artists working in performing, visual and media art, as well as how-to videos that demonstrate new ways to get creative and explain art-making techniques and concepts.
  • National Art Education Association This site is for art teachers of all age groups. It has a lot of information on grants.
  • Picturing America- is a collection of paintings by famous American Artists. Teachers may check out the kit from the Media Center. It includes posters and a teacher resource book. The online version also has links for teachers to use the pictures in their classrooms. Information is given about the painting as well as the historical era it depicts. This is a great website for teachers.
  • PBS Learning Media is a website that has resources and videos that will help in the Arts.
  • Rubric for painting