Here you will find links to necessary and helpful DOWNLOADS to help you when using interactive boards.


Here you'll find links to all the Mimio resources you may be looking for: documentation, FAQs, software to download, the MimioConnect online community, case studies, and white papers. You'll also find links for registering your products, submitting ideas, and viewing training options.
  • Basic Download (Windows or Mac) of Necessary Software for the Mimio. Go here for your initial set-up to use the Mimio in your classroom.
  • Mimio Connect for ideas , collaboration, and lesson plans for the Mimio. This site also includes the Mimio Masters Beginners Course, which lets participants familiarize themselves with Mimio hardware and software.

The Elementary Warm-up Pack (MIMIO)

Summary: The Elementary Warm-up Pack, designed for K-6 classrooms, offers daily and weekly calendars, roll call and job templates as well as colorful images for a range of subjects. There is a collection of popular songs to captivate younger students.

Graphic Organizers (MIMIO)

Summary: This outstanding collection of graphic organizers includes background templates as well as individual image elements for key graphic organizers, such as Venn Diagrams, KWL Charts, Timelines, and many more.

**Math Pack** (MIMIO)

Summary: The Math Pack contains dozens of ready-to-use Flash animations for teaching mathematics from the elementary grades through high school. Animations for the geometry, algebra, and trigonometry classroom are included. You can also download useful images of plane figures, 3D shapes, and international currency.

The Science Pack (MIMIO)
Summary: The Science Pack includes teaching tools for several areas of science instruction. Find ready-to-use animations of plant and animal cells, volcanoes, the periodic table of the elements, and even an owl pellet dissection.

Q- How can I import Word and Power Point files into my Mimio Presentation?
A- Mimio Studio software allows educators to easily import Word and PowerPoint files into their mimio Notebook! This feature allows teachers to bring their old tried and true documents to life using mimio interactivity. To easily import Word and PowerPoint documents into mimio Notebook for Mac please do the following:
  1. Open the document in either Word or PowerPoint.
  2. Click on “File” then “Save As.”
  3. Next use the “Format File” drop down menu to save the Word or PowerPoint file as a .PDF file. Be sure to remember where you saved the file on your computer, for example your desktop or documents. This action will create a .PDF file containing your entire Word or PowerPoint file.
  4. Now open your mimio Notebook for Mac.
  5. Click on “File” then “Import.”
  6. Use the Import menu to locate and open your new .PDF file. Your mimio Studio software will now create a mimio Notebook page for each of the Word pages or PowerPoint slides.


  • Basic Downloads Plus More for the SMART Board.
  • **SMART Exchange-** Find Lesson Plans for Your SMART Board, links to webpages, downloads and Connect with Teachers
  • SMART Board applications - Lucky Star - a daily animated series called Cyberchase will engage kids in a new way. Lucky Star combines age-appropriate math and problem-solving while allowing kids to have fun competing for top scores.
  • features interactive lessons for teachers to use with SMART Boards; primarily for grades K-5


Educreations - Turns any iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Website also has a large collection of lessons that have been shared by other teachers.


Tutorials Online for the mimio are available.
Tutorials and Materials for the SMART Board are also available. This site has a wealth of information--each title you click on has a drop-down box of more choices!