• Alphabetizer is a site to put any list in alphabetical order. When you finish, you can print it. There are also different options that you can use such as reversing a list, removing duplicates, capitalizing first words or ignoring definite/indefinite articles.
  • is an intuitive and easy-to-use online to-do list and task manager. Create to-do lists, organize them into projects, and manage them online, from anywhere.
external image workflowy.png
external image workflowy.png

WorkFlowy - easy to use outliner/organizer that also functions as a to-do list. You can have sub-lists and nested-lists and the best part is that you can click on any topic and you will see a new page with all of the related items. Workflowy can easily be used in many educational settings, but can really be helpful in organizing assignments. (AASL 2013 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning)

ASSIGNMENT MANAGERS - These tools help to keep students organized and to be aware of when assignments are due.
  • MOODLE- course management system - a GREAT tool for teachers. Basically you are creating a webpage for your class for your students to use. You can create lessons, a calendar of events, a chat area, quizzes that are graded online, and more! You can have journal activities and more. For more on Moodle, go to the Open Source page.
  • Trackclass is a great, free resource for students. The site allows students to track their classes and assignments, and will send reminders (email or SMS) for upcoming assignment due dates and test dates. There is also a note taking utility so students can take notes on it if they have a computer in school, or transcribe notes later. You can even attach files to each class and assignment to keep things organized. It is a great way for students to stay organized.

BOOKMARKS - These programs help you to create a list of special websites that you like or that you would like your students to access. It is like having a Favorites list, but the difference is that you can access this list from ANY computer, anywhere!
  • Portaportal
    • Store your bookmarks on the web for easy access anywhere
    • Share your links with guests through a read-only url
    • Add links for use through a school year, but only show students the links currently being studied
  • Diigo is another great online site to create and save bookmarks that you can access from any computer by logging into your own account.

CURATION - have a spot online where you can save and share all of your favorites--favorite links, favorite media, favorite photos, etc.
  • Lessons Online- EVERNOTE- Teachers: Organize your lesson plans in Evernote. You can put all your notes, outlines, activities, research, etc in Evernote and have it searchable and accessible from anywhere. That way you can start working on a lesson plan at home then continue working on your computer in your class. You can tag lesson plans with specific topics or subjects to make calling them up the next school year even easier.
  • Netvibes-free web service that brings together your favorite media sources and online services. Everything that matters to you — blogs, news, weather, videos, photos, social networks, email and much more — is automatically updated every time you visit your page.
  • LiveBinders- is a free online 3-ring binder. You can basically create your own folders on different subjects-ONLINE. Each tab is another section in your binder. Here you can store links to websites that are specific to your topic. You can store your favorite videos, links, resources, papers, etc. It is almost like scrap-booking! Check out some examples and you will be hooked. Sample Live Binder: Best Tools and Sites for Teachers
  • Scoopit - The magazine creation web site,, allows teachers and students to easily become curators of information on a variety of topics.
  • Wayback Machine allows users to locate and ARCHIVE WEBSITES for future use. There are some great collections already available--such as 9-11, Elections 2002, Asian Tsunami, and more. You can choose a topic and save all the websites--even if they stop working.

  • is a very simple interactive mind mapping tool.
  • - Any browser, no login, fully functional, FREE! Draw creative diagrams in your browser, share editing with other users in real time. Load and save them anywhere you wish, export images of your finished result, using the range of stencils provided.
  • gliffy - Diagrams Made Easy - Create professional-quality flowcharts, Org charts, diagrams, Technical drawings and more. Gliffy works directly in your browser! Up to 5 diagrams for free per month.
  • Graphic Organizers- At this site you will find over 20 kinds of graphic organizers to use in your classes. If one is not helpful, try another! These are down-loadable forms that can be applied to any class. Can also be translated to Spanish

  • Cornell Note Taking Template- Use this template for taking useful notes. Can be used in Word.
  • Webnote is a tool for taking notes on your computer and then you can share your notes with others by giving them the work space name or url.

Seesaw is a digital portfolio that empowers students of any age to document what they are learning at school. Students capture learning with photos and videos of physical work, or by adding digital creations. Everything is uploaded and kept organized for teachers. Teachers can invite families to join so they get an immediate, personalized window into their child's learning.

  • MRBS (Meeting Room Booking System) is a free web application that is used for booking meetings or whatever you need to coordinate using a calendar-type program. There will be no overbookings!