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Click here for a guide (Educational Technology and Mobile Learning) about using Wikis in education.

Wikispaces Classroom, a new product, is designed exclusively for teachers and students. It focuses on simplicity, engagement, and student outcomes (and is free).

  • Corinne Hayes has created a wiki to show YOU how to create your own wiki. Wiki Creations will take you to a fabulous site that explains how to insert pictures, your own voice, links and more!
  • A FABULOUS wiki on "How to Create a Wiki" is available

Five Great Sites to use to CREATE A WIKI:
  1. Wikispaces- One of the most popular wiki creators that is free for education. Can also be made private (password protected). Helpful Videos; (be sure to sign up for the EDUCATORS account!)
  2. PBworks - Very similar to Wikispaces and free for a basic account. However, there are paid accounts as well that offer features for educators, such as more space and privacy controls.
  3. Zoho Wiki - Very affordable site for creating not only wikis, but also a complete educational portal package.
  4. Weebly - Popular website creator for education that allows for blogging and a creation of a site that can be used as a wiki.
  5. Google Sites - Nice free way to create a project wiki through the use of awesome Google tools.

How to add a PowerPoint Presentation into your wiki:

Embed Powerpoint In Wiki Instructions - Presentation Transcript

How to embed a powerpoint into a wiki

  1. Create an account with Slideshare It’s free. You will need a valid email address that you can access from the computer you’re on. Slideshare will send you a validation code. Record your Slideshare account details, including the email address, username & password. You might need them again!
  2. Click on the upload button.
  3. Hit Browse and find your presentation.
  4. Fill in the details.
  5. Click on Publish All.
  6. The program responds. You have to wait, and sometimes it takes quite a while – allow at least 10 minutes!
  7. Your file will appear in the My Uploads screen.To find this, click on the link to Current status
  8. Click on Edit/Delete. Update your details so you allow Creative Commons Attribution. Click on Update.
  9. Click on View Presentation.
  10. Click on ShareCopy the Embed codeClick on the text box to highlight the text, then press CTRL C to copy it.
  11. Put your cursor in the spot on your wiki page where you want the powerpoint to go.Click on the Embed Widget Tool.
  12. Paste code into Slideshow – Other text box. (CTRL V to paste)Click on Save.

These wiki apps for Ipads can be used for a variety of purposes including : documentation, collaboration and glossary making.