(Thanks to an article by David Kapuler)...
Do you want to create your own free website? Here are several good choices:
  1. MOODLE- a GREAT tool for teachers. Basically you are creating a webpage for your class for your students to use. You can create lessons, a calendar of events, a chat area, quizzes that are graded online, and more! You can have journal activities and more. For more on Moodle, go to the **Open Source** page.
  2. Spruz Enjoy a socially enabled website with features such as Blogging, Videos, Photos, Events, Member Profiles, Chat, IM, and so much more!
  3. Weebly - Excellent site for creating a classroom website or blog that has a secure educational environment. Also, very easy to use (drag-n-drop) and the ability to password-protect your site as well.
  4. Wix - This is a free site which enables you to create your own website with wonderful flashing graphics. You do not need any programming skills--just drag and drop what you want.
  5. Google Sites - A great way to make a collaborative or group website with a polished look. Very user-friendly and lots of attractive templates to choose from.
  6. Yola - Nice website creator with lots of features. However, more features can be unlocked via a paid subscription.
  7. Webstarts - Another nice drag-n-drop site for creating websites with all the fixings: ability to add photos, video, audio, and more.

Embedding ANYTHING into your webpage is a great article that gives step-by-step procedures on how to embed MP3s, videos, charts, etc. into your own website.

Southwest Local Schools - Teacher Pages in Edlio
(Thank you Todd Sams for this information)

As teachers in this digital age we are all striving to get some sort of “digital presence” for our classrooms. You could create a stand-alone Web site (for a cost) or a free type of site using weebly.com. You could make a ning.com, a Wiki or a blog of many sorts. OR you could simple utilize a tool we already have at our disposal, our own www.southwestschools.org Web site and its already created teacher pages. These pages are also readily available to students without much searching or worrying about misspelled site addresses. Most students can get to www.southwestschools.org at this point.

To see these pages go to your building site’s admin page:
ces. southwestschools.edlioadmin.com
hjhs. southwestschools.edlioadmin.com
mes. southwestschools.edlioadmin.com
wves. southwestschools.edlioadmin.com
hes. southwestschools.edlioadmin.com

Using the Teacher Pages in Edlio
You can add:
My Pages- Your main Home page and other pages you might create.
My Profile- Your viewable information and a way to change your password.
My Classes- Create HW and link sites for all your classes.
My Album- Photo albums!
My Links- links to resources for students etc. External Web sites, textbook links.

external image di43WRvLLTD92AHVL0DyQ5DTYLMOy8l0a_9AW1syNdJ9CEfO0ISvVYuXIsniN-nzAugmr193El3CvlruXczBMwWMYl_A9_0tXKF6R__SrUQsGzY0yJzIQ_LlWI_D9Naz
The greatest feature that is now available is the “Create a Post” feature. This allows you to easily post these types of items directly to your teacher home page. It is conveniently located right on your homepage after you login to your edlio admin page.

Your Login
firstname.lastname while on your building’s edlio admin page. Your password is a common pwd that your building contact or admin can share with you and you can then change.

Why do this?
Well, your students and parents can easily access this site for daily/weekly notes or assignment lists. You can post links or addresses to sites that students need to access or view. You can upload images or videos from classroom events. Using the File option you can load documents that parents or students need to access for your class. Think about it, you upload the permission slip and the parent can access and complete. No more “ I lost it” as an excuse! At the least please take the time to post a link to your ning/blog/quia/weebly/etc site so that students can easily access those sites that you are using for your classroom.