WIDGETS for your projects and/or Webpage

What is a Widget?

Widgets are mini-applications that may be embedded in websites, blogs, wikis, Nings, etc. They are often dynamic and interactive. You may use widgets to subscribe to RSS feeds and other push content. (See the RSS Feeds page for more information). Other examples of widgets might be: calculators, dictionaries, search engines, maps and much more!

Take a look at this wiki on widgets from Joyce Valenza’s New Tools Workshops. The wiki has links to a large number of widgets for libraries and classrooms from This Day in History to Google Gadgets. You can get widgets for free by following the links to widgets from PBS, National Geographic, the Library of Congress, and a number of book related widgets.

How to Embed Almost Anything in your Website

Widgets from INFOhio

  • You can install widgets for elementary, middle, and high school databases. Just copy the HTML given on the Search Widget page in the INFOhio Toolbox and then paste it on your webpage. Widgets are available for ISearch, Points of View Reference Center, EBSCOhost, World Book and Science Online. Try adding one of these useful tools to your blog, website or online course site to encourage your students in quality research. Below, is an example for World Book Student.

INFOhio has developed widgets for each module of the R4S course that can be imported into any course management system. The widgets are available to educators who have registered. R4S can be found on the INFOhio home page. For more information and an example, go to the Blended Learning page.

Learn more about Widgets

Another good place to start is Cool Tools for School.

Finding Widgets

Government Widgets

Assorted Widgets

Book Widgets

News Widgets

Video (more at Video Search)

Map Widgets

From- http://newtoolsworkshop.wikispaces.com/Assorted+Widgets