Wordle is a fun site for creating posters using a set of words--maybe from a poem, or as a review assignment, or a descriptive assignment. The words are transformed into an interesting pattern or "word cloud." Kids can create their own mini-posters with words for vocabulary or on a specific theme.

Hint- use the tilde sign (~) whenever you want a complete phrase, when you are pasting text into the “Paste in a bunch of text” window, insert that character between any words that you want to keep together. For example, if you are writing "Math is Fun", write Math~is~Fun and the phrase will be a complete thought.


If you enjoy using WORDLE but would like to try something a little different...

  • ABC Ya works much like Wordle. It creates final results that allow for change of font, layout and color. You can save in jpeg format and can print.

  • Make Word Mosaic is a tool by Image Chef. This is great for creative people. The results can be emailed or embedded in different social networks. There is also a link to Letter Soup from here and other graphic backgrounds.
  • Tag Crowd allows the use of word frequency for emphasis in the clouds created. The file may also be uploaded or a URL can be given to access the cloud.
  • Tagul allows custom shape selection and multiple fonts in one cloud. Must be able to login with an email.
  • Many of you are familiar with Tagxedo. If you are not, here is a short video explaining how to use it. It turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, or your own writing -- into a visually stunning word cloud. Words are individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.

  • Word it Out creates clouds like wordle in that you can paste text into the box. You can change font, color and style.